(adopted unanimously September 20, 2000, by those present)(amended November 1, 2000, October 3, 2001)(amendment II revoked Fall 2003)(amended Article IV 1,2,4,5,6,7; Article V; Article VI, and Article VII on August 10, 2010)(amended Article IV election month March 16, 2017)

Article I – Name

The organization shall be called Spokane Women’s Hockey. This organization is a non-profit association.

Article II – Purpose

  • To provide and promote the opportunities for women to participate in the sport of ice hockey in the Spokane area.
  • To develop and maintain a program structured to serve the best interests of all participants, women in general, and the sport itself.
  • To ensure participation in a safe, positive environment of fair play and equality.

Article III – Membership

  • Membership in the organization is open to all women 18 years of age and older who pay a nominal membership fee or dues.
  • Such payment would entitle each member to one vote on all organization matters that require a membership vote, such as the election of officers or ratification of a decision.
  • Members must also be members of USA Hockey.

Article IV – Officers

  • The elected officers of Spokane Women’s Hockey shall form a Board of Directors and shall consist of the following: President, Vice President, Secretary, two Treasurers, and Registrar.
  • All officers shall be elected by the members at the August general membership meeting.
  • The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization, shall have the power to call meetings, shall exercise general direction over the affairs and activities of the organization, and shall have the power to create necessary committees. The President does not vote on motions brought to the floor except in the event of a tie.
  • The Vice President shall be responsible for publicity and media coverage of the organization and shall perform other duties as assigned by the President. In addition, she shall deal with correspondence on behalf of the organization, especially email notices and replies and Web site information. She shall be a second or backup holder of membership form information.
  • The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the official minutes of all organization meetings and distributing these to the general membership; she shall also ensure that ice times and other organization events are scheduled in a timely manner.
  • There will be two Treasurers. The Treasurer of the General Account shall be responsible for maintaining and monitoring the organization’s monies, shall process all payables and receivables of the organization, and shall present a written report of the financial condition of the organization at each board or general meeting. The Treasurer of the Tournament Account shall be responsible for monitoring all monies acquired through tournaments hosted by SWH and used to support those members who participate in tournaments.
  • The Registrar shall collect and keep track of all dues for membership, shall coordinate Spokane Women’s Hockey membership with USAHockey, and shall coordinate collection of ice use fees. The membership forms shall be duplicated and given to the Vice President as a second repository of information.

Article V – Committees

Committees may be appointed by the President as they become necessary.
Standing positions include the following:
  • Tournament Coordinator(s)
  • Travel Team Reps (acting in accordance with the Travel Team Guidelines and Responsibilities document)
  • Women’s Recreational Hockey League (WRHL) Coordinator(s)
  • WRHL Captains
  • Finance Committee (acting in accordance with the SWH Manual of Procedures)
  • Web Ms.

Article VI – Meetings

  • The board of directors shall meet monthly or as determined necessary.
  • An annual general membership meeting will be held in August to elect officers.
  • Additional general meetings will be called as necessary.
  • Any decisions brought to a vote will be decided by a simple majority of the members present (in person or on the live video chat platform).

Article VII – Fiscal Matters

  1. The fiscal year for Spokane Women’s Hockey shall begin on the first day of September and end on the thirty-first day of August. A general membership meeting will be held within forty-five days of the end of the fiscal year.
  2. Fiscal accountability shall be done in accordance with the SWH Manual of Procedures.

Article VIII – Amendments

  • Amendments to these bylaws may be proposed by the board of directors or recommended to the officers.
  • Such proposals shall be presented to the members of Spokane Women’s Hockey at the next general membership meeting.
  • All proposals must be in written form.
  • Adoption of an amendment to these bylaws requires a two-thirds majority vote by the members in attendance at the general membership meeting.

Amendment I

The traditional practice sessions shall be open to any female 15 years of age or older. Those between the ages of 15 and 18 must have a signed note from a parent or official guardian that permits the player to engage in hockey and recognizes that injury is a possibility.

Amendment II

Members shall be limited to two consecutive terms in any office. After serving two years, an officer may serve in a different office in the organization or may wait one year before running for the original position.