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We take everyone’s safety very seriously and are working to adhere to the most recent and appropriate guidelines/suggestions set out by the CDC and the State of Washington. We are currently in Phase I in Spokane County.

This means there are restrictions we have to continue to follow for the safety of all parties. The rink requires you to wear a mask as you enter the building. No spectators at this time. The locker rooms are closed. You do not need to wear your mask on the ice when you play your game.

CLICK HERE to read any additional information posted from the Eagles Ice Arena.


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  • 2021 Fitness Skate Sessions

    Happy New Year SWH!! Just wanted to give some updates on the latest rules and restrictions within the Eagles and the impact to our league:

    As of January 4th, the Govenor’s office made the most recent announcements of the opening of some fitness locations.

    See most recent announcements here.

    We are not allowed to play rec league games yet in Washington State, but we can skate in Fitness Groups for 45 minute blocks of time.

    Look in your email for updates on times and dates for some SKILLS AND DRILLS Workout Sessions.

    We will be offering both novice (beginner) session and intermediate session. The cost will be $75 for 6 skates – all on Friday nights at 7:15pm- the more we can have sign up, the more we can keep the cost down. We are looking 10-15 ladies per session/group.

    Quick UPDATE– Eagles is blocked up utnil 9pm on Friday nights, so as of January and Feb, we will not be able to schedule until we get to Phase II. I will keep you all posted!

    If you have any questions – please contact us in the Contact Us Box.

  • League Games Update

    We are starting the 1st half of our 2020/21 season!

    — 4 games for each team

    — 3 Teams are picked- emails from Captains will go out this week

    — $60 per each Fulltime player – to be collected first night your team plays – plus add the $10 SWH Dues fee

    — $17 each for the subs – per game – please pay your dues Fee when you sub and sub fee is due the night you play

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